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How to Perform a Driver License Address Change in Florida

Changing drivers license address in Florida is extremely important when a resident first moves in the state. Regardless of how the drivers license change of address is completed, it is a simple process. State law requires residents to change drivers license address details within 30 days of moving to a new primary residence. Motorists who fail to change address on drivers license by the deadline can face penalties and inconveniences. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) requires drivers to dispose of their old drivers licenses when they receive updated identification cards.

How to Change Drivers License Addresses in Florida Online

Finding out where to change drivers license address details is the first step. Changing a drivers license address online is quick and easy. Residents can change drivers license addresses in FL from the comfort of their own homes using a simple online form provided by the DHSMV. Completing a Florida drivers license change of address online is the most convenient option for most Florida residents, because it allows drivers to avoid traveling to and waiting at a DHSMV office. This form requires users who wish to change addresses on a drivers license to input their full name, former address (the address that is current in the DMV system), Social Security number, drivers license number, license plate number, birth date and new address.

Completing a DHSMV change of address online carries the same fee as changing the address in person. Presently, the cost of a replacement license is $25. However, an online drivers license change of address also requires the licensee to pay a small service charge, which is currently $2. For many drivers, avoiding lines and long waits is well worth this small additional charge.

How to Change Drivers License Addresses in Florida in Person

Florida drivers who wish to complete a Florida DMV address change in person are advised to call ahead and schedule an appointment at their local DHSMV Motorist Services office or Tax Collector licensing agent. Any driver can go to change a drivers license address in Florida. However, non-U.S. citizens and those who need to update a commercial drivers license are required to appear in person.

When a driver goes to a drivers license office to change a drivers license address in FL, he or she is required to present certain documents as proof of eligibility for the license. Before the DMV change of address takes place, drivers will need to present certain documentation. U.S. citizens will have to produce an identification document in order to prove their citizenship. To fulfill this requirement, drivers may present an original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate, a Certificate of Citizenship (forms N-560 or N-561), a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, a valid U.S. passport or a Certificate of Naturalization (forms N-550 or N-570). When changing a drivers license address in Florida, non-U.S. citizens must provide proof of their legal presence. Acceptable documents include a green card (form I-551), an I-797 containing an A number or an I-5551 stamp in a passport, among others. All drivers must pay the DHSMV change of address fee while they are in the DHSMV office.

Failure to Change a Drivers License Address in Florida

As shown above, the process to change the address on a drivers license in Florida is quite simple, but it is also legally required to be completed within 30 days of moving. Not changing a drivers license address can carry severe legal consequences, so drivers may wish to complete the process as soon as they are able to do so after moving.

Failure to complete a drivers license change of address in Florida by the deadline can land the driver in legal trouble in two ways. First, the driver could miss important notices sent by the Florida DHSMV. If a vehicle registration or drivers license renewal notice ticket is mailed to an incorrect address because the driver has not updated his or her address, he or she is still responsible for acting before any given deadlines. If a driver misses a deadline to renew a license or registration, he or she will be responsible for late fees or any other consequences.

Secondly, not changing a drivers license address can also be cause for a ticket in itself. If a driver is pulled over after the deadline to update the address has passed, the driver can be fined for incorrect license information. Changing the address on a drivers license in Florida is easy and quick, and it can save the driver from a lot of legal trouble. Following one of the processes laid out above to complete a drivers license change of address online or in person is well worth the time it takes.

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