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How to Perform a Driver License Name Change in Florida

A change of name on driving license in Florida is a process drivers complete for several reasons. A drivers license name change requires motorists to complete multiple steps. Requesting to change name on driving license identification is not difficult, but does require multiple documents. Forida DMV name change requirements are determined by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or DHSMV. Applicants must visit an office in person to complete the process, but first, to perform a drivers license name change, claimants must change their names with the Social Security Administration.

How to Change a Name With the Social Security Administration in Florida

Before changing your name on driving license credentials, you must first change your name with the SSA. When a driver requests a name change on drivers license, the DHSMV will look up the driver’s identity in the SSA database. The driver’s Social Security Number (SSN) record must already reflect the updated name. To change a name with the SSA, motorists must complete the Application for a Social Security Card. Drivers can obtain the application online and print it out.

Before drivers can change names on their driving license in Florida, they must gather some documents to submit with their Social Security card application. First, drivers must supply a name change document, which includes a divorce decree, marriage certificate, Certificate of Naturalization or a court order. Motorists must also supply documents that prove their identity and citizenship or immigration status. Drivers can mail the documents and application to the nearest SSA office, or they may visit the nearest SSA office to submit them in person.

A DHSMV name change will require much of the same documentation as the SSA name change. Required documentation for a name change on a drivers license in Florida will include the name change document with the new name on it, such as a divorce decree, marriage decree or court order. Before they can complete a change of name on a driving license in FL, non-U.S. citizens must change their name on their U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documents.

How to Change Name on Drivers License in Florida

After the SSA name change has been processed, a driver may request a change of name on a driving license in Florida at the nearest FL DHSMV drivers licensing office. In Florida, a drivers license name change can only be completed in person. In order to start the DHSMV name change process, drivers must present some documentation. Motorists must provide the current, incorrect drivers license. Motorists must also submit the proof of legal name change document that they submitted to the SSA. These FL DMV name change documents may include a certified or original marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order issued by the government.

Additionally, required drivers license name change documentation involves all of the documents that drivers provide when applying for their first drivers license. A name change on a drivers license in Florida will require a document that proves identity and age. For instance, a U.S. passport, a green card (form I-551) and Naturalization or Citizenship certifications are all considered acceptable forms of documentation to prove identity and age. Changing a name on a drivers license will also require proof of an SSN, which can be demonstrated with an (updated) Social Security card or documents such as a W-2 form or 1099 form. Any non-U.S. citizens who require a name change on a drivers license in FL will be expected to provide proof of legal presence.

The final information needed for a name change on a drivers license in FL is proof of residency. Drivers must provide documentation that includes their Florida address and name. For example, documentation accepted for a DMV name change includes recent utility bills, Florida Vehicle titles or rental agreements. Once all documentation is processed, motorists will pay a drivers license replacement fee to obtain the corrected and updated license.

Instances When Changing Name on Drivers License in Florida is Required

Drivers must always keep in mind that changing a name on a drivers license in Florida is required for specific situations. In most cases, a name change on drivers licenses is due to either marriage or divorce, when partners opt to take or renounce their partner’s name. Less common reasons to change a name on a driving license include a voluntary name change or a court-ordered name change.

Deadline for Changing Name on Drivers License in Florida

A motorist should complete a Florida drivers license name change within 30 days once he or she has legally changed his or her name. If a driver does not complete the DMV name change within this span of time, he or she is at risk for fines if pulled over. Furthermore, drivers may face legal consequences should they try to use an outdated driver’s license.