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How to Obtain ID Cards in Florida

Florida residents who do not drive can obtain a Florida ID card from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) as proof of identification. A valid DHSMV ID card can help Florida residents in situations that require identification. After a resident requests a new ID card in Florida, he or she will have to understand how to renew ID cards before they expire. Additionally, residents must know how to replace damaged, stolen or lost ID cards, and how to update identification after changing their address or name. Applicants must learn the ID card information needed to acquire credentials.

Eligibility Requirements for an ID Card in Florida

To be eligible for an FL DMV ID card, applicants must be able to prove their identity, citizenship or legal status, Florida residency and Social Security Number (SSN) or ineligibility for an SSN. ID cards in Florida are available to any Florida resident who is five years of age or older. DHSMV ID cards are also available for any Florida resident of any age who has a disability and applies for a disabled parking permit. To be eligible for a new ID card in FL, the resident may not hold a drivers license. If needing an ID card, the applicant must turn in his or her drivers license.

How to Apply for ID Card in Florida

To apply for an ID card in Florida for the first time, applicants must go in person to a drivers license office. Applicants cannot obtain a new ID card online, but they may go online to renew or replace the ID card. Petitioners can make an appointment to complete a DHSMV ID card application in order to avoid the possibility of a long wait at the drivers license office. When going to apply for an ID card in FL, petitioners can gather all required documentation beforehand. To complete a Florida ID card application, a resident should have several pieces of documentation already gathered.

In order to confirm identity on a DMV ID card application, residents can choose from several acceptable documents, including a U.S. birth certificate, a valid U.S. passport and a Certificate of Naturalization, among other options. If Florida ID card candidates are non-U.S. citizens, the DHSMV will also accept a green card or I-797 document, among other options. Residents must also provide documentation of their SSN or a letter from the Social Security Administration stating that they have never received an SSN.

The Florida ID card application requires the petitioner to prove state residency. Applicants must show at least two documents that have their name and address for proof. Documents that are acceptable according to DHSMV ID card requirements include recent utility bills, pay stubs, property tax bills, rental agreements and tax forms. Applicants who do not have these documents in their name may use those of a parent, legal guardian or step-parent that they live with, along with a Certification of Address form.

The last part to the ID card application process is to pay a fee, which is currently $25, to the DHSMV office. Florida ID cards are free for homeless residents, as long as they can present a recent letter from a local homeless shelter stating that they meet eligibility requirements. New ID cards are also free for low-income residents. These applicants must present either a tax return proving that they are at or below the federal poverty level or proof of enrollment in the Department of Children and Families or Access Florida Benefits Program.

How to Renew ID Card in Florida

Cardholders must renew ID cards every four or eight years, depending on age of cardholder. Florida residents may renew ID card online or in person at a DHSMV office. Cards expire after four years for ID holders between five and 14 years of age. Anyone else’s card expires after eight years.

FL ID card online renewal is a popular method for renewal, since it does not require a resident to come into the DHSMV office. Renewing identification cards online in Florida is only a possibility if the cardholder has renewed in person at a drivers license office for their last renewal. To renew an ID card online, cardholders can go on the DHSMV website and enter requested personal information. Residents will pay a renewal fee, which is currently $25, and receive the renewed card in the mail.

How to Replace ID Card in Florida

Florida residents can replace identification cards online or in person at a drivers license office. Cardholders replace ID cards in Florida when the card has become lost, stolen or damaged. Applicants also get a replacement after they have changed addresses. If a cardholder’s DHSMV ID card has been stolen, he or she can file a police report. If he or she brings a copy of the police report to the drivers license office when applying for a replacement ID, the replacement fee will be waived. However, the fee will not be waived if the cardholder is updating information on the card, such as name or address.

When replacing identification cards online, residents will provide some basic information, including name, date of birth, SSN and address. Once the resident provides the information and pays the fee, the DHSMV will process the replacement request and send the replacement to the cardholder through the mail.

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