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How to Renew a Driver License in Florida

To avoid driving with an expired drivers license in Florida, drivers need to renew their license by the expiration date. Motorists must renew drivers license in FL every six or eight years. Florida drivers license renewal, along with other driver and vehicle services, is managed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). The DHSMV allows motorists to renew drivers license online, by mail or in person at a drivers license office. A driving license renewal fee is required for each option. Applicants must first learn where to renew drivers license IDs and how to renew drivers license credentials.

Requirements for Drivers License Renewal in Florida

Motorists can renew a drivers license in Florida as soon as 18 months before the license’s expiration date. The deadline for renewing a drivers license in FL is midnight on a driver’s birthday. Motorists who renew an expired drivers license after the deadline will have to pay a late renewal fee. If a motorist fails to renew their drivers license within twelve months of the expiration date, he or she must instead apply for an entirely new license. Reapplying for the license means the driver must take all the required driving tests over again.

Drivers cannot perform a drivers license renewal in Florida if they are ineligible for a license, failed to answer a summons for a traffic violation or have a license that is canceled, suspended or revoked. If the driver has recently changed his or her name, he or she must present an acceptable name change document. Likewise, if a motorist has changed his or her address, he or she must present two documents proving the address change.

To complete a DHSMV license renewal online or by mail, drivers must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and they must have renewed their license in person last time. When renewing a drivers license in person, all drivers must take a vision test. Motorists who are 80 years of age or older must pass a vision test every time they renew their license. These drivers can conduct an FL drivers license renewal in person and take a vision test free-of-charge at a drivers license office. If they wish to perform a drivers license renewal online or by mail, they may have an accredited doctor fill out a Mature Driver Vision Test Form (HSMV 72119) and submit it to the DHSMV.

How to Renew a Drivers License Online in Florida

“Can you renew your license online in Florida?” is a question that many motorists ask. Online drivers license renewal is accepted and encouraged by the DHSMV. To perform a drivers license renewal online in FL, the driver must submit his or her license number, which is found on the back of the license. Drivers must also submit other identifying information, such as their date of birth, Social Security Number (SSN) and address. Once they submit all of the information for the drivers license renewal process, the driver pays a small fee using a credit or debit card. It typically takes around two weeks for the license to arrive in the mail.

How to Renew a Drivers License by Mail in Florida

If eligible to renew a drivers license by mail, drivers will receive a packet in the mail around 30 days before the license’s renewal date. When renewing drivers licenses by mail, drivers can follow the instructions in the packet, and send it back to the DHSMV through the mail. Motorists will received their renewed license in the mail after the application is processed.

How to Renew a Drivers License in Person in Florida

The final way to complete a drivers license renewal in Florida is to go through the DHSMV offices in person. Drivers are required to renew their drivers license at a DHSMV office for every other renewal opportunity. Although drivers are not required to schedule an in-person DHSMV license renewal, the DHSMV recommends that they make an appointment in advance. Motorists must bring documentation to confirm their identity, SSN and residence. Non-U.S. citizen drivers must bring additional documentation. To renew their drivers license in FL, non-U.S. citizens must bring proof of their legal presence.

How to Renew a Drivers License in Florida While Out of State

Drivers have the option of renewing their drivers license while they are temporarily out-of-state. Out-of-state motorists can renew their drivers license online if they are eligible to do so. They will be able to enter the mailing address at their current out-of-state residence. Drivers will receive the license in seven to 10 business days. If a driver performed his or her last drivers license renewal online or by mail, he or she will be required to come into a DHSMV office to renew. If this is the case, drivers can email the DHSMV and request a Temporary Driving Permit. The email must include a short note explaining the situation. The motorist must also submit his or her:

  • Drivers license number.
  • Full name.
  • Out-of-state mailing address.
  • Last four numbers of SSN.
  • Date of birth.

If the driver is eligible, the DHSMV will send a 90-day temporary permit. Motorists must visit a drivers license office for a DHSMV license renewal to renew as soon as they return to Florida.

How to Renew a Drivers License in Florida as a Military Member

When renewing a drivers license in Florida, members of the military and their immediate family members have some additional options if they are currently out-of-state. The DHSMV recommends that military members renew their drivers license before they are stationed or deployed. However, if military members or their family are outside of Florida and ineligible for online drivers license renewal, they can submit an application for a military extension card. They can also call or send an email to apply for a military extension card. This card, which is free-of-charge, moves the license’s expiration date to 90 days after the driver returns to Florida or receives a discharge from the military.

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