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How to Replace a Driver License in Florida

Knowing how to replace drivers license in Florida is important to understand, even if a driver has not yet lost his or her license. Motorists must replace drivers license credentials as soon as possible to avoid penalties when they lose their ID. Drivers can replace lost drivers license credentials by going online or visiting a DMV in person. Drivers who are temporarily out of the state can request a drivers license replacement, but they may instead apply for a temporary permit. The process for replacing drivers licenses is established and maintained by the FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

How to Replace a Drivers License in Florida Online

Drivers can request a copy of drivers license in Florida by using the DHSMV website. When going to request a duplicate drivers license in FL, the applicant must provide his or her Social Security Number (SSN), birth date, license plate number, drivers license number and street address. The most challenging part to this list of documentation is often the drivers license number, since most drivers do not have the information on hand. However, the system will allow a driver to use a license plate number or title number instead. Drivers will pay a replacement drivers license fee, and they will receive the new license in the mail.

How to Replace a Drivers License in Florida in Person

If drivers are wondering, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license?” then they should know that applying for an FL drivers license replacement in person is the faster option, since drivers can leave the office with their new license. Any motorist can replace a drivers license in person, but some are required to replace in person. For example, drivers who are not U.S. citizens or U.S. immigrants with an immigrant status on their license must apply in person. Drivers who have a stolen drivers license, rather than a lost drivers license, can bring the police report to the office in order to have their fees waived. However, they must pay fees if they are updating drivers license by changing information, such as an address, at the same time.

To request a Florida drivers license replacement in person, a driver will need to present some documentation. The first document that a motorist must have to replace a lost drivers license in person is proof of identity, such as a birth certificate or United States passport, among other options. Other documentation necessary to replace a drivers license in person will include a proof of address. When requesting a DHSMV duplicate license in FL, drivers must provide two documents that show proof of address, such as utility bills or rental agreements, among many other options. Drivers also have to show proof of an SSN, such as a Social Security card or other acceptable document that shows the applicant’s SSN or ineligibility for an SSN. Finally, non-immigrant, non-citizen drivers must also show proof of legal presence.

Motorists will pay a lost drivers license replacement fee, though fees are waived for stolen drivers licenses accompanied by a police report. Once the applicant pays the fee, the replacement drivers license is made in the office and issued to the driver at that time.

Replacing a Drivers License in Florida While Out of State

Drivers may apply for a Florida duplicate drivers license even if they are temporarily outside of the state of Florida. There are two main ways that a copy of a drivers license can be obtained when the motorist is out of state: either through the online DHSMV application or by mail. Drivers may use the same online portal to apply for a license while they are out of state. They will just need to change their address. Once back in Florida, they can change the address back.

Drivers can also choose to replace their drivers license after they return to Florida. These motorists can request a 90-day temporary driving permit by calling, emailing or mailing a request letter to the Bureau of Records. Drivers must include the out-of-state address, name, birth date, SSN and drivers license number. Temporary permits are free.

When Replacing a Drivers License in Florida is Necessary

Florida drivers are expected to obtain an FL drivers license replacement whenever they are not in possession of their drivers license, whether it is lost or stolen. Furthermore, Florida drivers who need to update a drivers license, such as changing the name or address on the license, will need to apply for a replacement drivers license. Updating drivers license addresses in Florida can be completed online, but drivers must go to a drivers license office in person if the update regards a name change.

Reporting a Stolen Drivers License in Florida

In the event that a Florida replacement drivers license is requested because of a stolen license, it is also advised to file a police report at the same time. Drivers are not required to report a license theft before filing for a DHSMV duplicate license, but it is always a good idea, because thieves can use the information from the drivers license to commit criminal acts, including identity theft. If someone is using the stolen motorist’s license for identity theft, then a police report will help establish the driver’s innocence. Filing a police report also waives the duplicate drivers license fees when going to replace the stolen license.

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