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Florida Education Center

Florida drivers ed programs are designed to help beginners learn the rules of the road and practice driving before obtaining full driving privileges. A teen driving course can be taken at high schools throughout the state. Teen driving courses are also offered by certain education providers that are authorized by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department, otherwise known as the FLHSMV or the DMV. In addition to drivers education, taking a DMV practice exam in Florida is a valuable resource for new drivers. A driver practice test allows teens to gauge their skills before taking their real exams. To obtain a learners permit or drivers license from the FLHSMV, an applicant must pass a series of tests. A drivers exam is often challenging to pass, making it important for teens to study and practice beforehand. FL drivers exams for licenses and permits include a vision test and a written test. A behind-the-wheel driving test is also required when applicants wish to obtain their Class E Driver License. After passing all the required Florida driving tests and obtaining a license, a motorist may still require traffic school for various reasons. Several types of Florida traffic schools are available. Motorists may have to take a driver improvement course for DUIs, acquiring too many points on their licenses or reinstating driving privileges. A driving course may also be required for motorists who are involved in car crashes or who are habitual offenders of certain traffic laws. Learn more about Florida driving courses and test requirements in the following pages.

Driver Tests Overview in Florida

The Florida drivers test has many different components that are equally important for any driver who wants to receive a drivers license for the first time. The drivers license exam in Florida will tests the knowledge of the potential motorist, as well as his or her skill behind the wheel. To be eligible to take the road skills portion of the FL drivers license test, candidates must be able to pass a vision exam and meet minimum vision requirements. Each type of driving test in Florida is regulated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). After passing the behind-the-wheel drivers license exam, candidates will be eligible to receive their Florida driving license. Read More

Florida DMV Practice Tests

A DMV driving practice test in Florida is a useful tool for young and inexperienced motorists looking to apply for their Florida driving license or permit. The official drivers license test is administered by local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices, which are branches of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). A DMV practice exam is a great way for drivers to determine their driving knowledge and prepare for the official DMV exam. Teen drivers may prepare for the DMV test by taking online practice exams. A sample DMV test draws on the Florida DMV drivers handbook for in-depth preparation and practical exam questions. Future Florida drivers can use a DMV written practice test to hone their knowledge of Florida’s rules for the road. Read More

Florida Traffic School

Traffic school in Florida is one way drivers may improve their knowledge and driving techniques after a ticket or accident. Also known as a driver improvement course, drivers who attend a traffic school class may prevent the accumulation of points on their license or higher auto insurance rates. A defensive driving course can help drivers improve their skills at any time, even if they do not have a traffic violation on their record. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV or FLHSMV) allows motorists to take traffic school online or in person through approved providers, depending on the needs of the driver. With such a variety, motorists can find an affordable traffic school option that best suits their financial requirements while providing the necessary driving education and improvement. Read More

Florida Drivers Education

Drivers education in Florida is an essential and important part of developing safe road habits. Although anyone may take drivers ed, young drivers benefit most from the knowledge gained in such classes. First time driving school options help drivers with little experience learn about the rules of the road while preparing them for the necessary permit or license exams. Depending on the exam provider, students may be able to attend driving lessons both online and in-person, giving motorists with different needs various choices. Young drivers can sign up for teen driving school courses to prepare for a learner’s permit and a driving license application, so it is important that students find the best course provider possible. Read More