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Florida Traffic School

Traffic school in Florida is one way drivers may improve their knowledge and driving techniques after a ticket or accident. Also known as a driver improvement course, drivers who attend a traffic school class may prevent the accumulation of points on their license or higher auto insurance rates. A defensive driving course can help drivers improve their skills at any time, even if they do not have a traffic violation on their record. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV or FLHSMV) allows motorists to take traffic school online or in person through approved providers, depending on the needs of the driver. With such a variety, motorists can find an affordable traffic school option that best suits their financial requirements while providing the necessary driving education and improvement. Drivers who want to learn more about Florida driving classes should read the following sections to see if traffic training will meet their needs.

Benefits of Attending a Driving Course in Florida

Florida driving school is a helpful tool for drivers of all ages, with or without a traffic citation. DMV traffic school helps refresh drivers on rules of the road to help prevent future driving violations. Some motorists attending a driver improvement class may have committed a violation simply because they were not familiar with current Florida road regulations. A defensive driving class helps motorists become safer drivers by teaching them how to pay attention to their environment. Traffic training also provides tips on how to anticipate and prevent vehicle accidents.

Drivers may also attend traffic school as a way to reduce or prevent point penalties on their driving license after receiving a moving violation. Too many points on a driving license can lead to a temporary loss of driving privileges, so it is in a driver’s best interest to attend traffic school when eligible. If drivers with traffic violations choose not to go to traffic school and simply deal with the repercussions, then they run the risk of point accumulation. Motorists attending Florida driving classes may also be able to use the course as a way to receive discounts on vehicle insurance rates from their insurance company, although they should confirm with their provider if this policy is available.


Drivers who wish to attend Florida traffic courses as a way to remove or prevent point accumulation may only do so once every 12-month period. Additionally, the driver improvement course to reduce points is only available five times in a driver’s lifetime, so motorists with multiple traffic violations must weigh their options before signing up for a driving class. Motorists should note that attending a Florida traffic school can only reduce points on a license, but it does not remove the charge from their driving record or eliminate required fees. Additionally, motorists who wish to sign up for driving classes to prevent higher insurance rates after a traffic violation should first confirm with their insurance provider if they are eligible based on the circumstances of the violation.

Florida Traffic School Eligibility

Motorists who wish to attend a Florida DHSMV traffic school to deal with a traffic violation should first see if they are eligible for any of the benefits provided by the driving classes. Drivers cannot attend a driver improvement class to prevent accumulation of license points if they hold a commercial driving license (CDL) or have a criminal moving violation. In such cases, drivers may attend traffic school but they will not qualify for point reduction through the system. Drivers who sign up for traffic school to save money on their auto insurance must verify with their company if they offer such discounts and if the school meets the insurance company’s criteria. If drivers needs to sign up for a driver improvement class as part of a court order, then they should make sure the court approves of the chosen option to sign up for the best course possible.

Enrollment in a Florida Driving Course

Drivers may wonder, “How much is traffic school in Florida?” if they wish to improve their skills or reduce traffic penalties. Motorists may look at online driving school options or in-class courses to compare rates and availability to determine the best option for them. Drivers can sign up to attend a basic or advanced driver improvement class, depending on the offense. Driving course prices may vary based on location, the type of course chosen, class attendance method and even the delivery channel for the certificate of completion. Drivers may sign up for in-person driving classes or online driving school, depending on availability and affordability. A Florida online driving class may save motorists money with minimal fees, including the time and driving expenses associated with an in-person environment. An online traffic school option also allows customers to take the course at their convenience.

Upon receipt of a traffic ticket, drivers must choose to sign up for driving classes or pay their ticket within 30 days of the violation date. Drivers choosing to attend a driver improvement course must declare their intent with the county clerk’s office where the violation occurred and pay any required fees. Various county clerk offices in the state may have different requirements for drivers to declare intent for driving school, so it is critical that motorists speak with the necessary office for any requirements or instructions.

After a declaration, drivers must sign up for and attend the driving course within 60 to 90 days after the ticket issuance. Once drivers complete and pass their driving course, they must submit proof of completion to the necessary county clerk office. Drivers must attend the class once they submit the declaration, otherwise they will receive the point penalties for the violation. Drivers who do not go to the declared FL driving class will not be able to sign up for a course for another 12 months and will waste one of their five opportunities allotted by the state to reduce their points through a driving class.

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