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Health Insurance in Florida

Florida health insurance is an important aspect of life for many state residents, as access to health care helps recipients maintain a better lifestyle. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), often referred to as Obamacare, helped more state residents receive affordable health insurance plans by expanding coverage and providing public health care options. The federal health insurance marketplace is a public insurance option that residents may use in place of an employer-provided or independent health insurance plan, if necessary. Florida residents should compare health insurance quotes to find the plan that best suits their lifestyle and personal health situation. To learn more about medical insurance plans and enrollment options, residents should continue reading the sections below.

Florida Health Insurance Requirements

A state-run health insurance marketplace is not currently available to Florida residents. Instead, residents interested in public health insurance plans must go through the federal government to complete the application process. Health insurance coverage in the federal marketplace must follow certain guidelines and provide minimum coverage for applicants. Medical insurance plans provided under the ACA must provide such services as emergency care, mental health services, prescription medications and medical service for children. Some health insurance plans in Florida may not need to meet all ACA guidelines if the purchase happed before the enactment of the ACA, commonly known as “grandfathered plans.” For example, a grandfathered health care plan may not offer free preventative care as it is not required due to its pre-ACA status. These pre-ACA health insurance options must follow certain requirements, including coverage for children up to 26 years of age, so beneficiates should check with their employer or individual provider to see which benefits apply to their plan. Florida residents may get a health insurance quote here to find a new health care plan that best suits their needs.


Mandates by the federal government for affordable medical insurance have led to a wider variety of health care options available. As a resident of Florida and the United states, you must enroll in an approved FL health insurance plan or face the consequences mandated by federal law. If you do not take advantage of health insurance enrollment in Florida, then you may face a fee when filing for taxes. If you do not qualify for health care enrollment exceptions, then the amount of the penalty fee owed will be taken from your federal tax returns. Exemptions from Florida medical insurance plans and the federal penalty fee include tribal affiliation, hardship exemptions like homelessness or the inability to afford insurance plans. Check with the federal health insurance marketplace for a complete list of health care enrollment exemptions and to see if you or anyone in your household qualifies for exception. To avoid consequences and compare health care plans, look for health insurance quotes available near you.

Benefits of Health Insurance in Florida

Enrolling in health insurance plans in Florida helps state residents preserve their health and prevent health issues while avoiding financial penalties during tax season. Medical insurance helps participants pay for medical costs by pooling together the resources of participating members, which helps for high cost procedures and emergencies. Health insurance participants must pay a deductible every year to qualify for the benefits of coverage. The health insurance provider sets the amount of the deductible based on the plan and participants must pay the deductible amount before the insurance providers pay for certain medical services. Florida health insurance participants may need to pay some expenses out of pocket to visit doctors or purchase medication, depending on the provider’s plans. Some health insurance policies may include coinsurance, which means the provider and the participant pay a percentage of medical costs after the participant meets the full deductible amount. For example, a patient may have a deductible for $2,000 with a coinsurance policy of 80/20. With this health insurance policy, the patient must pay up to $2,000 for all medical costs, and afterwards, the insurance provider pays for 80 percent of the additional medical costs while the patient pays the remaining 20 percent. Requesting health insurance quotes can help residents find FL health insurance coverage that works best for their families and with their financial needs.

If you do not enroll in in any Florida health insurance plans, then the health and finances of your family may suffer. Without health insurance coverage in Florida, you may receive large medical bills that are difficult to pay without the assistance of insurance. Without a health insurance plan, you may neglect your own health and face larger and more expensive medical problems later in life. However, with affordable health insurance you do not have to make difficult decisions between household expenses and your personal health. Find health care quotes available near you to help you provide the best care possible for you and your family.

Where to Get Health Insurance in Florida

Before residents submit a health insurance application in Florida, they should explore the available options in their state. One option is the federal health insurance marketplace, as Florida does not provide a state marketplace. With the federal health care marketplace, providers must meet certain ACA requirements and provide essential health care benefits. Some residents may get health insurance through an employer, which may be subject to ACA regulations based on company size. Residents may also look at individual health insurance plans through private companies, especially if they are self-employed or ineligible for their employer’s health insurance. Residents may also find Florida health care plans with other programs like Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and state equivalents, if eligible. With a wide array of health coverage options in FL, it is important that customers compare health insurance quotes and shop to find the best fit.

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