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SR22 Insurance in Florida

A Florida SR22 form is a document that certifies you have a car insurance policy. The point of SR22 forms is to protect people from drivers who do not maintain adequate coverage. You may hear the SR22 being referred to as a type of insurance. However, it is important to note that SR22 insurance is simply a form that an insurance agent files for you to prove that you have obtained coverage. SR22 insurance is required after you are caught driving without insurance or if you are involved in certain types of traffic incidents. When you are required to get SR22 coverage, it is necessary to obtain a car insurance policy first, if you do not already have one. Florida SR-22 rates vary based on which car insurance company you choose, as well as the additional fees associated with filing an SR-22 form. Obtaining SR22 insurance quotes from different insurance providers will give you a better understanding of what your expenses will be. Find out how to get SR22 insurance in Florida and learn all of the SR22 requirements in the sections below.

Who needs SR22 insurance in Florida?

SR22 insurance is required for a number of reasons in Florida. The most common reason to file an SR22 certification is if you are caught driving without insurance. Keep in mind that driving without proof of insurance in Florida can result in an immediate drivers license suspension. This is true even if you have insurance, but your insurance status cannot be verified with a card or an electronic insurance file. However, SR22 forms usually do not need filing if you can prove during a court trial or an administrative hearing with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) that you did have insurance during a traffic incident.

Florida SR22 insurance is also mandatory if you are not insured when any of the following incidents occur:

  • You are involved in any type of traffic collision, even if you did not cause the crash.
  • Your drivers license was suspended for any reason.
  • You had insurance, but it did not meet the minimum requirements in Florida.

A type of SR22 insurance can also be required if you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Florida. In many cases, FL SR22 forms are not adequate when you are arrested for a drug or alcohol-related offense. Rather than an SR22 form, you will file an FR44 form. The FR44 form is similar to the SR22, but it requires that you obtain a car insurance policy with even greater coverage.

How much coverage must Florida SR22 forms provide?

When you file an SR22 form in Florida, it verifies that you have purchased a car insurance policy that provides adequate coverage. Filing an SR22 in Florida requires you to obtain an insurance policy that provides more coverage than the average car insurance policy. SR22 insurance requires a minimum of $10,000 of coverage for Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $20,000 of coverage for Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) and $10,000 of coverage for Property Damage Liability (PDL). If you are required to file an FR44 form instead, then note that it requires $100,000 of PIP coverage, $300,000 of BIL coverage and $50,000 of PDL coverage.

Penalties for Not Filing SR22 Forms in Florida

Filing an SR22 form in Florida is important for many reasons. Most of all, failing to get SR22 insurance can result in losing your drivers license and your license plates. Additionally, a hold may be placed on your car registration. If your license plates are confiscated due to a lack of car insurance, then the FLHSMV will not allow you to obtain temporary plates, even if you need them to get to work. Furthermore, if you do not get SR22 insurance when required to do so, then you may face higher insurance rates next time you shop for a policy. Going for any length of time without car insurance will almost always result in more expensive rates, as insurance agents see this as a risk.

How much does SR22 insurance in Florida cost?

Getting SR22 insurance in Florida requires that you pay a filing fee and the cost of your car insurance policy. Since SR-22 rates and regular insurance rates vary by company, it is necessary to obtain quotes for SR22 insurance in Florida. On top of the cost of SR22 insurance itself, there are many fees that you must pay when you are caught driving without coverage, such as traffic tickets, the administrative hearing fees and the fees to reinstate your driving license.

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