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DUIs in Florida

Florida DUI and DWI charges mean that a driver was caught operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Florida DUI laws are necessary due to the serious nature of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). DUI consequences in Florida differ based on the amount of offenses committed previously by a driver. A DUI defense attorney can help a driver reduce the severity of the penalty administered by the court or dismiss the charges, if possible. Drivers charged with DUI violations should thoroughly understand the current and future consequences of their actions, as repeated offenses increase the severity of penalties. Drivers may find a DUI lawyer here to help prepare their court cases. Motorists seeking Florida DUI information on consequences and the benefits of a criminal DUI attorney should continue reading the sections below.

DUI and DWI Charges in Florida

Drunk driving laws outline DUI penalties that vary based on the amount of previous DUI charges committed by a driver. Motorists charged with DUI and DWI offenses either have a blood alcohol level (BAL) of .08 or greater or they must be under the influence of a controlled substance. Controlled substances that can result in a DUI include methamphetamines, opioids and other substances that can impair a driver’s judgement. Drivers may speak with drug DUI attorney offices or refer to state statutes for a comprehensive list of all controlled substances that can lead to a DWI arrest. DUI penalties in Florida can include:

  • Community service.
  • Fines.
  • Jail time and probation.
  • Revocation or suspension of a driving license.
  • Impoundment or placement of a “boot” on the vehicle.

DWI penalties in Florida consider many factors when charging a driver including age, number of offenses and the age of any passengers in the car during the offense. Depending on the severity of the DUI charges, laws have minimums and maximums on the amount of fines levied and time required for imprisonment and license suspension. For example, a first-time DUI offender may serve time in prison for no longer than six months, but a second DUI offense may result in no more than nine months in prison. If a motorist continues driving while intoxicated, then he or she runs the risk of steeper DWI penalties. A DUI defense lawyer can assist drivers facing a DUI consequence by fighting the case in court to dispute the charge. A drunk driving attorney may help reduce fines or the amount of time served. Without a DUI lawyer, drivers may not adequately defend themselves in court and can face maximum penalties for their offenses. Drivers may find a DUI lawyer here to try and reduce or dismiss DUI charges.

Florida DUI penalties depend on the type of DUI offense committed. Some DUI offenses in Florida are considered misdemeanors and felonies based on the resulting actions of the driver. Multiple DUI convictions can lead to misdemeanor charges, which include longer jail times and higher fines. The DUI consequences for drivers who kill or seriously injure others while driving under the influence can lead to felony charges and extremely high fees and jail times. Lawyer DWI assistance can help drivers navigate such difficult cases and help outline the necessary steps to take. Although a DWI lawyer is not a necessary part of proceedings, motorists should find a DWI lawyer here to help prepare a defense and try to reduce or dismiss any penalties.

What happens if you get a DUI in Florida?

If a driver is charged with a DUI in Florida, then law enforcement will take the motorist’s driving license and give him or her a 10-day, temporary driving license. With a first DUI offense, motorists may possibly lose their license for up to one year. However, drivers getting a DUI in Florida may request an administrative hearing to attempt to keep the use of their license after the temporary license expires 10 days after the DUI conviction. This allows the driver to use his or her license until the scheduled hearing. Without a hearing request, drivers charged with a Florida DUI immediately lose driving privileges after the 10-day period allowed by the temporary license. A court will decide on the DUI consequences, accounting for a variety of factors during the arrest, and the driver must fulfill the requirements of his or her conviction. Drivers in need of a DUI defense may find a DUI lawyer here to help prepare for the court date.

Why hire a DUI attorney in Florida?

If you need drunk driving information in Florida, then you may find a DUI lawyer here. A DUI attorney can supply the best DWI defense possible and help provide the best outcome possible. Without a DWI attorney, you may face the maximum consequences for your DUI offense, including longer prison sentences, long license suspension periods and higher fines. Drunk driving lawyers in FL can help you fight charges by finding technicalities in the arrest or BAL testing procedures. When you get lawyer DUI assistance, the lawyer can investigate many possible avenues of defense that you might not normally consider. A criminal DUI lawyer has a thorough understanding of Florida law and can help you determine if the reasons or methods for your arrest were legitimate or of they violated your legal rights.

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