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Traffic Tickets in Florida

Traffic tickets in Florida are a consequence of irresponsible driving and vehicle operation. Traffic fines and consequences depend on the type of violations committed by a driver in the state of Florida. Some traffic violations in Florida have minor consequences, but others may include hefty fines or criminal penalties. A motorist may fight traffic ticket fines and consequences in court with or without the help of a lawyer. However, with a traffic ticket attorney, drivers will receive expert help in fighting tickets through dismissal or reduced penalties. Preparing a traffic ticket defense with a lawyer can help drivers by reducing costs and other consequences that can affect car insurance rates and driving privileges. For the best chance at fighting charges, drivers may find a traffic ticket lawyer here. Drivers may also learn how to pay speeding ticket fines if they do not wish to go to court or hire a lawyer.

What are traffic citations in Florida?

Drivers may receive a traffic ticket in Florida for a variety of traffic offenses. For example, speeding is a common traffic violation that Florida drivers may need to pay or dispute. Traffic violations based on speeding can differ based on how much over the posted speed limit the motorist was driving. Law enforcement can issue traffic tickets for additional offenses, including but not limited to: reckless driving, improper passing and expired registration. In addition to fines, drivers may receive points on their license based on the type of violation committed. In Florida, different traffic violations have assigned point values and the accumulation of points on a Florida driving license can lead to negative results. For example, drivers who receive a reckless driving traffic citation risk the accumulation of four points on their driving license. Fighting traffic ticket consequences includes fighting potential point accumulation on a license. Florida traffic tickets may include criminal charges or a mandatory court hearing, depending on the type of violation. Drivers may find a traffic ticket lawyer here to dispute civil and criminal violations.

Steps to Take After Getting a Florida Traffic Ticket

After receiving a Florida traffic violation, drivers have a few options to proceed. Motorists may visit the correct county website and choose the option to pay traffic ticket onlineor contact the county clerk’s office for all available payment options. When drivers pay the necessary traffic fines and perform any additional actions, the ticket is fulfilled and no longer active. Traffic school may fulfill some requirements of a traffic ticket, so drivers should consult with a DMV regarding the benefits and restrictions of traffic school. Motorists can choose to contact a traffic violation lawyer in Florida to dispute charges and reduce consequences, when possible. Some Florida traffic tickets may set a mandatory court date that drivers must attend, regardless of the choice to pay or dispute. Motorists who ignore court summons or neglect to act on a Florida traffic ticket within 30 days of the issuance can face serious consequences, including the loss of driving privileges. Drivers may find a traffic lawyer here to help deal with traffic violations and consequences.

Why You Should Hire a Traffic Court Lawyer in Florida

Although you may take care of a violation by simply paying traffic tickets online or with the county clerk’s office, you may want to consider a lawyer to fight the charges. For example, if you pay an FL speeding ticket online without disputing the violation, your payment is considered an admission of guilt and you will receive violation points on your license. Point accumulation goes on your driving record and can affect your insurance rates or potentially lead to a license suspension. A Florida ticket lawyer understands the possible defenses for your traffic violation and knows effective arguments or ways to prove innocence. Although you may forgo a ticket attorney in Florida, you may not provide an adequate defense for yourself and still receive the maximum punishment for the violation. Additionally, out-of-state drivers who receive FL traffic violations should consult with Florida attorneys to have the legal representative handle court appearances and defense hearing proceedings. Learning how to fight traffic ticket citations takes a thorough understanding of state statutes, so you can get a traffic ticket lawyer here to find experienced and knowledgeable counselors.

Paying Traffic Tickets in Florida

To learn how to pay a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, you may contact the clerk’s office in the county where the violation occurred. If you do not wish to hire a Florida traffic lawyer, then you may simply submit the required payment and follow any additional instructions listed on the ticket. You must make sure to submit traffic fine payments within 30 days of the issued ticket, otherwise you may face consequences for non-action.


To choose the option “pay traffic ticket online,” customers must first see if their local county clerk’s office offers that method. If the office does allow online traffic ticket payments in Florida, then drivers should make sure they have the citation available to input the case or ticket number. Drivers may also need to provide their driving license number and full name to locate the traffic ticket in the electronic system. Once they locate the correct FL traffic citation listing, drivers may input a valid credit card to make the necessary payments.

By Mail

Some drivers may pay FL traffic ticket fines by mail to the county clerk’s office where the violation occurred. Motorists should examine the traffic citation for any mailing options and accepted methods of payment.

In Person and By Phone

To submit traffic violation payments in person, you must contact the county clerk’s office to determine business hours and if the location handles in-person payment services. You must be sure to bring the Florida traffic violation and an accepted form of payment. If the county clerk offers payment by phone, then you must provide the necessary FL traffic ticket identification number and credit card information.

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