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Top Job Search Tools in Florida

Despite their seeming ubiquity, LinkedIn and commercial job search websites are not the only ways to find jobs in Florida. By making use of some of the lesser known job search tools that are equally as effective, if not more so, you can give yourself the upper hand in finding and landing the right job for you. Whichever of the tools described below that you proceed to use, remember to avail yourself of the key job search tools you likely have possession of in your own home, namely a telephone, computer, printer, fax machine and photocopier. These are your first lines of communication with prospective employers. Many of these items can also be found for use at your local library, small business development center or career center. A day planner or personal organizer, or an app on your phone to do the same, can also help you tremendously in keeping track of the status of all your applications and the scheduling of all your interviews.

Government Sites and Public Use Job Search Sites

Before you go completely offline to conduct your job search, consider that there are many more, and better, job search sites out there than the popular prevailing commercial ones. The government, for example, runs several useful job sites, including the federal government’s USAJobs.gov, the National Labor Exchange’s US.Jobs and the Florida state government’s MyFlorida.com where, among other searches, job seekers can look for state jobs at PeopleFirst, along with jobs in public safety, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, business and financial operations, health care, management, office and administrative support, social and community services, facility maintenance and construction, education and legal fields, among others.

Other public use sites catered to those searching for work in the state of Florida include the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) and Employ Florida which even offers a specialty search page for green jobs. Veterans, military family, seniors, students and people with disabilities can all find additional resources for their job searches, including lists of employers looking to hire people just like them.

Teaching Jobs

As the fourth biggest school system in the country, Florida is always recruiting new teachers for the over 4,000 schools in its 67 public school districts. If you are looking for work as a teacher, the Florida Bureau of Educator Recruitment, Development and Retention runs a job site called Teach in Florida where you can search for teaching jobs and post a resume. You can also research and contact the Florida School District Recruiter for the areas you are considering in order to ask about openings and request applications. There is also a statewide annual job fair for educators called the Great Florida Teach-in to attend, typically held in the spring.

Career Centers

There are no less than two dozen CareerSource center networks throughout Florida, operating under the jurisdiction of the Florida DEO. Each of these 24 career center networks serves a different geographic region of the state, covering between one and five counties. Moreover, within each of these networks are multiple centers, for a total of 76 full service career centers and 29 satellite career centers as well as 1 business center operating throughout Florida. Not only do career centers provide job search services, they also offer workshops to help hone your job hunting and interviewing skills, training in certain job-related skills, tools and resources to help candidates stay competitive in an ever-changing job market and support services for willing workers with special needs.

Job Fairs

One of the best ways to get your name and credentials out to as many employers actively seeking new hires is through a job fair. Towns and cities throughout Florida hold many of these throughout the year. Among these events are numerous job fairs organized by the Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC). Some job fairs will be presented by a single major employer that is hiring multiple positions in their company. There are often online and virtual job fairs also presented with opportunities for Floridians.

Classified Ads

Believe it or not, employers actually do still place “Now Hiring” ads in the classifieds section of the local newspaper. Pick up all the local Sunday editions, at the very least, as most employers who advertise jobs in the classifieds will choose this day, if no other, to place their ad. You may also want to consider placing an ad of your own in the “Jobs Wanted” section of the Sunday classifieds in your major local papers. Recruiters often peruse these listings to find hot leads to contact proactively before some other company sweeps them up.

Word of Mouth

Still arguably the best single way to find work is through word of mouth. Talk to your friends who are already working. Let them know that you are currently looking for work. Ask if they know of any openings at their places of work. You may be surprised how many leads you get by simply putting yourself out there to your social circle. In fact, do not forget about your social media circle, while you are at it. Especially if you are not concerned about relocating across state or out of state, friends who live remotely can be invaluable tools for helping you explore possible work in areas some distance from your present location.

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