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Florida Birth Certificates

Florida birth certificates are a type of vital record that indicate your important personal information at birth. The certificate of birth reflects information like the name assigned to you at birth, your parents’ names and your place of birth. A Florida birth record is not a document you should carry around for every day identification, but you may need it as an additional proof of identity when applying for some types of government documentation or business services. A certified birth certificate is essential for all Florida residents, as many of the establishments that require a birth record as proof of identity do not consider a photocopy a valid form of identity. You may also replace your original birth certificate to reflect corrected or updated information or to replace a physical copy in case of theft, damage or loss. You may get a copy of your birth records here to make sure you always have current vital records on hand.

Why do you need a Florida birth certificate?

A certified Florida birth certificate is the first form of identification that you receive from the government. Although you do not typically rely on a birth record as a primary form of identification after receiving a driving license or state identification card, it is important that you always have a copy available to prove your identity. Providing an original birth certificate or a certified birth record is the standard way to verify your identity, as many institutions will not accept a photocopy as valid. The following situations use a certified birth certificate as proof of identity:

  • Applying for a new or replacement Social Security card
  • Applying for a United States passport
  • Enrolling a child in school or providing proof of parentage
  • Applying for government benefits
  • Applying for a state identification card or driving license

States outside of Florida may require you to produce a copy of birth certificate documentation for additional uses, so you should make sure to look at each state’s regulations if you plan on moving or traveling to different states. You should be sure to have a copy of your child’s birth certificate available to help prove his or her identity in such instances like school enrollment or travel.

Why Get a Copy of a Birth Certificate in Florida

Florida applicants may need to request a duplicate of birth certificate documentation due to loss, damage or theft. For birth certificate duplicates, customers may request FL vital records in person at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, by mail or online through a trusted and secure form here. Applicants filling out a Florida birth certificate form online may choose from the types of birth records offered for various purposes. Customers requesting a birth record from the state may request a commemorative birth certificate endorsed by the state governor.

Applicants may also want a duplicate of a birth certificate in FL for the purpose of updating their records after submitting a correction. For birth certificate corrections or adjustments, applicants must submit a birth record amendment form and place an order for an updated record after the update.

Note: Customers requesting a birth certificate for their child should also provide the child's full name recorded at birth, names of the parents and the child's date of birth.

How to Obtain Birth Certificate in Florida

Customers may obtain a Florida birth certificate in a variety of ways to best suit their needs. The child’s birth record information is submitted to the registrar by a representative from the hospital, birthing center or other health care center where the event took place, although some exceptions exist. For those children born outside a medical facility and not in the presence of a medical official, parents must report the birth to the state registrar. Parents must apply for a birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics once the parents or hospital staff report the birth. Hospitals may provide birth records but they are not official documents used to prove the child’s identity.

In Person

Customers may request and submit a birth certificate application request at the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville, Florida. Applicants should provide their full names, relationship to the person named on the Florida birth certificate, mailing address and primary telephone number. Applicants must make sure to bring a photo identification as well. A birth record application also requires payment based on the type of birth record ordered, so applicants should check with the Bureau of Vital Statistics for a complete list of fees. Obtaining FL birth records in person may prove inconvenient as there is only one location that provides walk-in service and applicants may not live close to it.

By Mail

The Bureau of Vital Statistics accepts birth certificate requests sent by mail to the office's P.O. box. Applicants must submit a completed Florida birth record application along with a legible photocopy of their identification card. Customers who wish to order birth certificate documentation by mail must include a valid form of payment based on the type of birth record requested. Submitting birth certificate applications by mail can be inconvenient, as that method may take weeks to process and return results.


You may order a birth certificate copy online quickly and at any time from the comfort of your own home. You can fill out a Florida birth record form and provide the necessary payment for the type of record requested easily. After submitting the birth certificate application online, records are delivered directly to you in a timely manner. For the most convenient way to order a replacement birth certificate, you may get a copy of your birth record here.

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