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Florida Divorce Certificates

Florida divorce records are documents that prove you obtained a legal dissolution of your marriage through the court system. Divorce documents help prove your relationship status for a variety of services that account for your marriage status. Most marriage and divorce records are public documents that anyone may access with the correct information, although prices and access may vary based on the county office. A Florida divorce certificate, sometimes called a divorce report or record, is used as proof that a marriage ended and it was recognized by the state. A decree of divorce, in contrast, is a court document that includes rulings from court proceedings, such as child support orders and name changes. You may need to obtain a copy of divorce certificate documentation in cases of loss, theft or damage. You can get a copy of your divorce record here for convenient online service. To learn how to find divorce records in Florida, continue reading the sections below.

Why do I need my divorce papers in Florida?

Your Florida divorce papers are a necessary document to help prove your marital status with interested offices and entities. For example, you may need to provide a certified copy of divorce decree or a Florida divorce certificate in order to file a name change on driving documentation and state identification. A copy of divorce papers in Florida is also necessary to change your name on your Social Security card, as such documents can help prove your identity and the court-ordered name change, if applicable. Health insurance companies need divorce reports to make the necessary adjustments on your policy, although you should check with your provider about the deadline to submit the paperwork. A copy of divorce decree documentation may include a ruling on how the couple should file taxes and allot for dependents, so it is important to examine the decree carefully and use it as proof if there are any disputes. You can get a copy of your divorce record here for quick and easy access to important documentation.

How to Perform a Divorce Record Search in Florida

You may find divorce records in Florida with a county clerk’s office, the state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics or online here for fast service. You can perform a public record divorce search at any time as long as you provide relevant case information, including the names of the divorcing parties, date of divorce or a case number. Online divorce records are not available for many older files, so you should contact the county clerk if you cannot locate the electronic divorce record. Additionally, an online divorce search may not provide results for certain cases if the court rules the divorce proceedings private. In such an event, you should contact the county clerk’s office to seek access to the documentation.

How to Get a Copy of Divorce Papers in Florida

Registrants should know how to get divorce papers in Florida in the event that they need to provide proof of divorce or a name change related to the dissolution of marriage. Depending on the type of divorce documentation requested, applicants may access their paperwork from different sources. A Florida divorce record from the Bureau of Vital Statistics may not be a complete report of divorce proceedings, but it serves as proof of the divorce.

By Mail

Customers may apply for a Florida divorce record by mail with the Bureau of Vital Statistics. With the mail-in option for searching divorce reports, customers do not get a complete list of proceedings, but rather a summary of the case and the official divorce status. To request a Florida divorce record, customers may fill out a request application or write a letter to the Bureau petitioning for the divorce information. To search divorce records with a letter, it must include the registrants’ full names, divorce date, location of the divorce, the applicant’s information and an approved form of payment for the file. Applicants may request faster divorce certificate processing for an additional fee, but this does not include faster mailing service. For customers wondering how to get a copy of divorce decree records by mail, they are advised that they must contact the county clerk’s office where the divorce took place. The Florida divorce decree request process may vary by county, so applicants must speak with the county clerk for the requirements and fees.

In Person

The Bureau of Vital Statistics offers in-person divorce record requests for rush order only. A rush-ordered Florida divorce certificate is available only through the Jacksonville office. Customers walking in to make the rush order request must submit an application and the necessary payments. For a Florida divorce decree copy, customers must contact their county clerk’s office for service options.


For a convenient and fast divorce record request process, you can get a copy of your divorce record here. You can submit an application for Florida divorce documentation from the comfort of your own home with accessible credit card payment options.

Note: If you wish to request a copy of an FL divorce decree specifically, then you must contact the office of the county clerk where the divorce took place as such documents are not available online.

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