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Florida Marriage Certificates

A Florida marriage license is a document that couples must apply for and seek approval for from a county judge or a circuit court clerk. A marriage certificate completes the legal marriage process and is an official record that indicates the union took place. Couples should make sure to order a copy of marriage certificate documentation to prove their marriage for various services. Applicants may wish to have their marriage records on hand to prevent any delays or issues when proving their marriage. County courts issue marriage license records, but couples must order a marriage certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Alternatively, applicants can order a marriage record right here from a secure and trusted online form. Marriage records in Florida are publically available, and as such, anyone may order marriage record documentation. Couples may need a replacement marriage certificate in case of loss, damage or theft, so it is important for registrants to understand the process. To learn more about marriage license lookup procedures and how to request marriage documents, continue reading the sections below.

Why You Should Request a Florida Marriage Certificate

Obtaining a marriage certificate copy in FL is the only way you may prove your marriage in the state. A marriage license is a necessary step in your journey to matrimony, but it only gives you and your spouse-to-be permission to get married. A certified copy of marriage certificate documentation officially acknowledges your union and that the Bureau of Vital Statistics received the wedding license from the county court. Without a certified Florida marriage certificate, you and your spouse may have trouble with accessing or applying for certain services. If you or your spouse applies for a name change after marriage, then the marriage certificate helps provide proof of identity and name update. Additionally, the marriage certificate is a necessary document for name changes on a driving license and vehicle title. A Florida marriage certificate is also necessary to prove the relationship between you and your spouse when applying for government or insurance benefits or opening a joint bank account. Some agencies may require you to submit a certified copy of your marriage certificate for the agency to keep, so it is crucial that you always have a copy available. Ordering a duplicate marriage certificate ensures that you always have a way to prove the marriage between you and your spouse. You may get a copy of your marriage record here to prevent any delay in services.

How to Order Marriage Documents in Florida

In the case of a lost marriage certificate due to theft, damage or misplacement, you should submit a replacement request as soon as possible. For a replacement marriage license, you may contact the county court clerk’s office that issued the license and place an order in a variety of ways, depending on your county court’s policies. Since Florida marriage records are public, you may also request wedding records for other couples. To submit a marriage certificate search request, you must include the following information on your application:

  • The married and original names of both spouses
  • Marriage date
  • The name of the city or county that issued the marriage license
  • Your name, contact information and relationship to the persons listed on the document

Costs for requesting wedding records vary based on county, so you should contact the county clerk’s office for a list of fees and accepted methods of payment. Before ordering FL marriage registration records, you should make sure your chosen office is able to retrieve the requested records. Every entity that can distribute wedding record information has limited date ranges, so you should verify which one would yield the best results for marriage record retrieval.

To request a Florida marriage certificate online, you may get a copy of a marriage record here. The online marriage certificate request is convenient for all customers, especially for customers who do not live near the office of the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville, Florida. The Bureau accepts in-person and by-mail marriage certificate requests, although an online method provides faster service from the comfort of your own home. Ordering marriage license documents differs by county, as some courts may not have digital access to all records. For some Florida marriage licenses, you may need to contact the county clerk’s office by mail or in person to place an order.

Performing a Marriage Record Search in Florida

You may perform a Florida marriage record search for yourself or any other couple married in the state of Florida due to the public status of marriage records. For a marriage license search, you must contact the county in which the union took place. Depending on the county, you may find marriage records online or request them in person and by mail. Some marriage records may not be available online based on the record’s date and year of filing, so you must check with the individual county for record search restrictions. To submit a wedding record search, you should provide the name of the spouses and the date of marriage. Some applications for a marriage record search may allow you to search a wider range of dates if you are unsure of the specific date. Fees for wedding record searches vary based on institution and the type of record requested, so you should consult the office for a list of fees and acceptable payment methods. If you need a physical copy of your Florida marriage certificate and you know all the necessary details, then you may get a copy of your marriage record here to avoid spending excessive time or money with a marriage license search.

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