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Florida Bill of Sale

A bill of sale in Florida helps buyers and sellers finalize the purchase of a used vehicle. A bill of sale form is not a certificate of title, but rather it is a record of the transaction and it helps remove financial responsibility from the previous owner. A Florida vehicle bill of sale is required by state law before registering a newly purchased motor vehicle to help protect the seller and ensure that the buyer has complete vehicle ownership. Motorists may obtain a bill of sale online by ordering a comprehensive bill of sale package here. A standard bill of sale form is easy to download and print as necessary.

What information is needed for a bill of sale contract in Florida?

Although a bill of sale for car ownership protects both the vehicle buyer and seller, submitting the Florida bill of sale is the responsibility of the seller. Car sellers may locate a Florida bill of sale template in a comprehensive bill of sale bundle to help them complete this important transaction. When filling out a bill of sale, occasionally referred to as a notice of sale, sellers must include relevant vehicle information, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), car color, production year, certificate of title number and other descriptive factors. Sellers filling out a bill of sale notice should also record the purchaser’s information including the name, address and the date of sale. The notice of sale should also include the selling price of the vehicle. The DMV bill of sale requires sellers to sign, date and input their address information. Purchasers should sign off on the bill as well. An important section of the bill of sale that sellers must fill out pertains to the odometer reading of the car. Sellers must record a current and accurate odometer reading or include an odometer affidavit with the sale notice that lets sellers record any odometer issues, like an odometer that is broken or unable to record current mileage.

Note: A Florida motorcycle bill of sale is the same document as a car bill of sale. Per Florida state statutes, a motorcycle is considered a motor vehicle and should follow bill of sale and certificate of title transfer protocols.

When is a Florida bill of sale document required?

Bill of sale documentation in Florida is necessary whenever the ownership of the vehicle completely changes hands, either in a sale or as a gift. The bill of sale informs the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) and the county tax offices that the old owner is no longer financially responsible for the vehicle. Sellers should submit bill of sale paperwork within 30 days of the transaction, otherwise they will have to pay a fee for a late title transfer. A Florida bill of sale does not automatically transfer ownership, so buyers must be certain to submit the necessary certificate of title paperwork to complete the transaction and legally operate their new vehicle. Sellers who do not submit a bill of sale for vehicle transfers can face legal issues regarding ownership and vehicle responsibility. Buyers should make sure the seller fills out and submits a bill of sale so the buyer does not have to worry about questions of legal ownership after the transaction is complete. Once sellers get a bill of sale package online, an optional but recommended step is to get a public notary to sign off on the notice for official purposes.

Along with a Florida bill of sale, buyers and sellers must make sure to have all necessary title transfer documentation. Submitting bill of sale documentation is an important part of transferring a certificate of title, especially for used vehicle transactions between two individuals. After requesting a bill of sale bundle online, drivers should make sure to complete the rest of the steps for buying and selling a used car.

Most of the information on the bill of sale is information required to complete a title transfer. After completing a bill of sale, buyer or sellers may fill out the title transfer with the necessary information. Submitting the notice of sale and title transfer paperwork helps the FLHSMV and county treasury offices to update their data and send out correct correspondence with the new owner information. Owners should fill out a bill of sale agreement even if the transfer is gifted to a family member or a friend. Sellers should not delay in filling out the bill of sale as they run the risk of a late fee and legal issues regarding the correct ownership. Sellers can submit the bill of sale as soon as the transaction is complete and buyers should quickly complete their responsibilities to ensure a smooth transfer in ownership.

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