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Renew Florida Car Registration

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Florida vehicle registration renewal is a requirement that residents must complete every one to two years. Owning or operating a car with an expired car registration results in fees and legal penalties. When renewing car registration in FL, motorists will need to adhere to the rules and procedures of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). For residents, FLHSMV vehicle registration renewal is a quick process that can be performed online, in person or by mail. Car registration signifies legal ownership of the vehicle and that the owner has paid taxes and fees associated with the automobile.

Requirements for Renewing a Car Registration in Florida

To renew a car registration in Florida, drivers must provide proof of insurance, unless it is on file with the DHSMV. Drivers will also have to pay an FL vehicle registration renewal fee no matter which method they choose to renew. The fees will be listed on the DMV vehicle registration renewal notice, if a motorist receives one in the mail. Vehicle registration renewal fees will vary based on the vehicle type, vehicle weight and license plate type. Drivers who need to meet specific criteria for car registration will need to meet the criteria again when renewing. Examples of these special-plate types include non-resident military, forestry and disabled veteran license plates.

How to Renew a Car Registration Online in Florida

Most drivers prefer to renew car registration online in Florida if they are eligible to use this option. A motorist can renew a car registration online by using the official DHSMV portal. FL vehicle registration renewal online requires basic information, such as the driver’s name, home address, Social Security Number (SSN), drivers license number, license plate number and birth date. After providing this information, the driver can simply follow the online instructions and pay the renewal fee online using a credit card, debit card or checking account. The fee total will include any late fees and a convenience fee (currently $2 for the entire transaction). After the driver renews a car registration online, he or she will receive the registration card and decal by mail within seven to 10 days.

Some drivers may not be able to complete online vehicle registration renewal, which means that the driver does not have insurance coverage, an SSN or Florida drivers license on file with the DHSMV. If this is the case, the driver must renew expired car registration in person or mail in the application with proof of insurance.

How to Renew a Car Registration in Person in Florida

Renewing car registration in person at the county tax collector’s office is an option for Florida drivers who do not have access to online renewal services or cannot use online renewal services. However, any motorist can renew a car registration in FL in person if he or she prefers to do so. Drivers can even have someone renew the car registration in person on their behalf. This driver’s representative must bring along proof of insurance, payment for fees and a copy of the current registration.

How to Renew a Car Registration by Mail in Florida

When renewing car registration in Florida using the mail, the driver should have all appropriate documentation and materials on hand to mail in to the local county tax collector’s office. The documentation and materials required for an expired car registration by mail includes proof of insurance and a renewal fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to the county’s tax collector. After sending in their mailed FL DHSMV vehicle registration renewal, drivers will receive their registration card and decal in the mail within 25 days.

When Can You Renew Car Registration in Florida?

Drivers may complete vehicle registration renewal in Florida up to 90 days before the vehicle’s registration expires. An expired car registration will be issued on midnight of the vehicle owner’s birthday. Drivers may or may not receive a Florida DMV vehicle registration renewal notice in the mail, but they are required to renew by the deadline regardless. They can choose to renew the vehicle for one year or two years.

Penalties for Late Vehicle Registration Renewal in Florida

Drivers who do not renew an expired car registration in Florida by the end of the month in which the renewal deadline occurs will have to pay a delinquent fee. However, the fee will not apply to active duty military members if the registration expires while the military member is serving at least 35 miles away from their home. To waive the FL expired car registration renewal fee, the military members are required to present either a written letter from their commanding officer or proof of official military orders.

Florida Statute XXIII 320.07 prevents drivers from operating a vehicle with an expired registration. Motorists who own a vehicle with an expired car registration of six months or less have committed a noncriminal traffic infraction, and they are eligible to receive a nonmoving violation. After six months, these motorists can be charged with additional penalties, including a ticket for a second-degree misdemeanor.

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