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How to Replace a Car Registration in Florida

It is important to obtain a duplicate car registration in Florida if the original has been stolen, damaged or lost. A lost car registration can cost the driver in fines and other penalties, so residents are urged to replace their registration in a timely manner. Drivers also replace car registration in FL after updating information, such as a name or address. The process for obtaining a copy of car registration in Florida is not difficult, and drivers can now complete it entirely online. Maintaining car registration is vital as it allows residents to legally operate their vehicle on public roadways around the state and country.

How to Replace Car Registration Online in Florida

To make replacing car registration in Florida easy, the DHSMV has made this service available as a self-service option via the internet. Drivers can replace a car registration online, and it only requires entering some of the driver’s information and a form of payment. In general, replacing a car registration online is the fastest and most efficient way to take care of the task. After the driver completes the order, the Florida copy of car registration papers will arrive in the mail within seven to 10 business days. To replace a car registration online in FL, drivers must pay a small convenience fee, which is currently $2. If a driver does not receive the replacement after 20 days, he or she may contact the county tax collector to get a replacement registration.

How to Replace Car Registration in Person in Florida

Florida residents can also replace a lost car registration in person if they prefer this option. Residents who opt to request their Florida duplicate car registration in this way must bring a form of payment to a county tax collector’s office. The copy of car registration will be provided for the owner immediately. At the office, the driver will fill out Form 83146, Application for Replacement License Plate, Validation Decal or Parking Permit. Motorists can also obtain this FL lost car registration form online and fill it out before going to the tax collector’s office. If they wish to waive the replacement fee, car owners who have experienced a stolen car registration should replace their registration in person.

Filing a Police Report for Stolen Car Registrations in Florida

To replace a car registration that has been stolen, the FL driver will follow much the same process as replacing a lost or damaged registration. However, before ordering an FL DHSMV registration copy, then the driver should first file a police report. This action can protect the driver from identity theft, as much of the information listed on a car’s registration includes sensitive information that thieves could use to steal someone’s identity. Additionally, taking the police report to the tax collector’s office along with the paperwork for the Florida DMV lost registration will also alert the DHSMV that this has occurred. If any incidence occurs under their auspices, then the DHSMV can refer to the police report and bring the authorities into the case. Finally, the fee for a duplicate car registration in Florida will be waived if the driver goes to the tax collector’s office to fill out the replacement request form and provides the police report.

Instances When It Is Necessary to Replace a Car Registration in Florida

Obtaining a duplicate car registration in Florida is important in order to avoid unnecessary legal complications. Replacing a car registration is necessary in cases of theft or loss. Replacing car registration should be performed if the current registration is damaged or illegible.

Another reason to replace a car registration in Florida is if the information on the registration is out of date. If a Florida resident moves or has a name change, or the information on the car’s registration no longer matches what is on the driver’s license or other form of identification, then he or she may face fines or other legal issues if pulled over for a traffic violation.

Drivers in the state of Florida should take the time, periodically, to make sure the car’s registration is kept in a safe location, but is easily accessible when needed. It is the driver’s responsibility to replace the car registration whenever its condition or circumstances warrant it, and to do so as soon as the issue is discovered.

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